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Take Notice!:

Since October 2014 we stopped production of the KIT.
All stock has been sold. This site is only for information.
You cannot order new kits anymore.


The outstanding transceiver Icom IC-756 had a major design flaw in the LCD display. The cable running from the PCB to
the LCD glass becomes faulty in time. This failure is unforeseen by Icom, since they buy this display unit complete at Sanyo.
The fault can be fixed by replacing the cable. Since this is attached to the LCD glass, it requires special tools to replace this cable.

Icom did replace the LCD on a exchange basis. They collect the display unit, send it to Sanyo, who repairs it, and returns it to
Icom for exchange stock. Needless to say this is a costly and time-consuming procedure.

That is what triggered me thinking. Perhaps there is a way to replace the LCD with another type,
with a different color, and better properties?
It took me several months and a dozen samples to get the first prototype working,
and finally we designed a PCB as an adaptor to interface the new LCD with the IC-756.
The new LCD is black-on-white, has LED backlight, and is relatively easy to build into the IC-756.

Here are (in my opinion) the Pro-and-Con's of this replacement:


  1. New LCD, virtually unlimited lifetime,

  2. LED backlight, so we can disable the noisy HV CCFL backlight convertor,

  3. Today's LED's are white for 50000 hours. the CCFL backlight only for 5000 hours.

  4. Better backlight regulation: 10% to 100% while 80% to 100% was original.

  5. Color is nice Dark-Gray. This can be a Pro or a Con, depending on taste. Several people have seen the prototype, are
    very positive over the color. (Dick PA3DUV, and Marcus PA2DB)

  6. More Pro's coming as they pop-up ;-)


  1. The contrast is slightly lesser than the original.

  2. The Sub-Logic board needs some modification involving SMD soldering and thus requiring SMD tools / skills,
    having that said: we can -besides the new display unit- provide the modification for you.

  3. More Con's coming as they pop-up ;-)

The KIT developed for the Icom IC-756 classic is available for everybody who needs the LCD unit replaced.
The user can choose to modify the IC-756 himself, or, let us do the modification, by sending us the front unit.
The modification on the front unit requires at least some SMD skills, and tools. If the user is not confident he is
able to do the modification himself, he can ask for help from a fellow amateur, or remove the front from the main unit,
and send it to us. We do not need the main unit, since there is no modification required in the main unit. also it
is quite simple to remove the entire front from the main unit. It involves a few dozen screws, and 4 cables.
The front only is quite light, and thus saves shipping costs, and the risk of damage in transit.